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What is FastoRedis?

FastoRedis (fork of FastoNoSQL) - is a cross-platform open source Redis management tool (i.e. Admin GUI). It put the same engine that powers Redis's redis-cli shell. Everything you can write in redis-cli shell — you can write in Fastoredis! Our program works on the most amount of Linux systems, also on Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and Android platforms.

Main big advantages of FastoRedis:

  • Open source
  • Cross-platform
  • Flexible and extending for future databases
  • Simple code
  • Great solutions
  • Money back guarantee.

We are waiting for your feedback! Please write any issues and proposals to GitHub Issues.


Full Power of Redis shell FastoRedis embeds the same redis-cli engine. It means that you can reuse your main skills of redis-cli shell in FastoRedis This program provides you with syntax highlighting, autocompletion, different view modes (text, tree, table) and other. With excellent power comes great responsibility. FastoRedis won’t stop you from executing "undesired" code. Be attentive, as you do with redis-cli shell!

Multiple Shells

You can open as many shells as you need. Every tab in FastoRedis - is a Redis shell, fully divided from each other. Have many opened shells for single Redis server, or many shells for many different servers.

FastoRedis - Multiple Shells


FastoRedis supply you with autocompletion for all Redis commands. To assist FastoRedis autocompletion - execute your code.

FastoRedis Admin GUI

Redis unix sockets

Redis have feature called Redis Unix sockets, and your server never will be visible in network, this functionality something like embedded database which works only on local machine.

FastoRedis - connect to redis unix sockets

Redis Labs cloud

Redis Labs is the open source home and commercial provider of Redis, we support it also.

FastoRedis - Redis Labs

Redis Cluster support

Redis Cluster provides a way to run a Redis installation where data is automatically sharded across multiple Redis nodes. FastoRedis is able to work with Redis Cluster, we support discovery functionality and you can work with cluster as one server.

Redis Cluster workflow

Redis Sentinel support

Redis Sentinel provides high availability for Redis. In practical terms this means that using Sentinel you can create a Redis deployment that resists without human intervention to certain kind of failures. Discovery Redis Sentinel it is supper feature of FastoRedis.

Redis Sentinel

Access your server using SSH protocol

Access your server using SSH protocol You are able to connect to server via SSH tunnel. We support two methods of authentication: with password and with private key.

FastoRedis - SSH protocol

Access your TLS/SSL servers like Microsoft Azure

If your have secure redis server like Microsoft Azure you also can use FastoRedis.

FastoRedis - Microsoft Azure

TTL, Binary keys, Redis modules, UTF-8 Encoding, etc...

Many Redis GUI solutions have cool features but some features have only FastoRedis. For example:

  • Binary keys/value handling
  • TTL keys which will removed from tree when time expire time comming
  • Redis Modules
  • Docker via forwarding ports or X server
  • UTF-8 Encoding
  • Console commands influence to the tree without reloading
  • And many, many other cool features which you can find only in FastoRedis.

FastoRedis - TTL, Binary keys, Redis modules, UTF-8 Encoding

Graphics of history

Desktop Managers makes working with the database more user-friendly. If you want to see the work history of your server, you can check "Logging enable" on connection dialog window. And every minute FastoRedis executes redis info command, and saves result.

FastoRedis - history of your server GUI

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