What's new in FastoRedis?

What's new in FastoRedis 0.6.0

FastoTeam is happy to announce the release of FastoRedis 0.6.0. In this version we were mainly concentrated on Android support and lua console interpreter.

For the changes in 0.6.0 please read changelog at the bottom of this page.

Embedded lua interpreter

Directly from FastoRedis you may work with lua interpreter: save, install and execute scripts even if in your machine not installed lua. Now FastoRedis contains lua version(5.3.0).

Directly from FastoRedis

redis-lua from FastoRedis

If you like redis and lua next solution will be interesting for you: redis-lua git You can install redis-lua modules needed only one button press.

Redis and lua

Also we added ability displaying of redis output text in MessagePack formats. In this release we able to build FastoRedis for android, but since there was not much time to test we release only beta version for it.


FastoRedis 0.6.0
- MsgPack visualization output
- Lua console(without modules)
- Beta android version
- Memcached added (incr, decr, delete, flush_all, stats, version) functions
- Not 64-bit on Win?(#44)

Thank you!

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Also, let us know about any problems via FastoRedis's GitHub Issues.

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