What's new in FastoRedis?

What's new in FastoRedis 0.3.5

Fasto team is happy to announce the release of FastoRedis 0.3.5 In this version we were implemented some new functionalities.
The main goal of this release was support all redis-cli modes, also we have checked different bugs.

For the changes in 0.3.5 please read changelog at the bottom of this page.

Support big amount of functionality of redis-cli

Now you can work with different modes like as slave, stats, latency, rdb and others.

Latency mode

Fastoredis - latency mode

Latency history mode

Fastoredis - latency history mode

Stat mode

Fastoredis - stat mode

Scan mode

Fastoredis - scan mode

Rdb mode

Fastoredis - rdb mode

Update redis-cli version

Now FastoRedis based on last redis-cli version(2.9.999) and we all are waiting for version number 3. Also we support most of command line redis-cli arguments.


FastoRedis 0.3.5
- Update redis-cli sources to version 2.9.999
- Implement latency mode
- Implement slave mode
- Implement rdb mode
- Implement bigkeys mode
- Implement stat mode
- Implement scan mode

Thank you!

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