What's new in FastoRedis?

What's new in FastoRedis 0.7.2 ?

FastoTeam is happy to announce the release of FastoRedis 0.7.2. In this version we start implementation of Redis Cluster support.

For the changes in 0.7.2 please read changelog at the bottom of this page.

Redis Cluster

We all wait release of Redis 3.0 where we can work with clusters, you can read more about cluster here: Redis Cluster. It is a powerful thing and our solution must work with Redis Cluster, in current moment we implemented basic support and discovery investigation of cluster. If you know only one connection in cluster you can discover it and after work add all needed servers to cluster settings please see pictures below.

Cluster connection:

FastoRedis - Cluster connection

Create your cluster connection.

Cluster connection after discovery:

Cluster connection after discovery

Discovery work ended, you can select servers which you are interested in, servers can be master or slave.About the difference you can read here: Redis Cluster.

Cluster connection added new nodes:

Cluster connection added new nodes

After discovery and your selection, servers you need will be added to cluster connection.

Connections dialog:

Connections dialog

Cluster connection is the same as massive of servers.

Redis Cluster workflow:

Redis Cluster workflow

Now your cluster connection is ready, you can work with it as with simple server.


FastoRedis 0.7.2
[Alexandr Topilski]
- Redis clusters basic support
- Redis clusters discovery
- Ability to disable autocompletion
- Redis subscribe implementation
- Clear recent connections action
- Find panel for all custom editors
- Remove python/lua console dialog

Thank you!

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