What's new in FastoRedis?

What's new in FastoRedis 0.6.1

FastoTeam is happy to announce the release of FastoRedis 0.6.1. In this version we implemented in place value edit. Now you can change output values directly from textView or tableView.

For the changes in 0.6.1 please read changelog at the bottom of this page.

In place value edit

After requests you can change value just input new in the tree or table view.

In place value edit

Redis Database tree

For more details now FastoRedis can show how many Redis databases have server, also handled count of keys in database.

Redis databases have server

Conversion dialog

And last tasty feature is "Conversion dialog". Now we support convert user data to hex, base64, msgpack and vice versa.

Conversion dialog

Also we improve workflow application on Android platform. And now you can download actual version of FastoRedis from google play on folowing link: FastoRedis for Android


FastoRedis 0.6.1
- In place edit value
- Load databases for Redis
- Conversion dialog
- Set default Redis database
- Load Redis database/keys in explorer tree
- Context menu for Android

Thank you!

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