What's new in FastoRedis?

What's new in FastoRedis 0.5.6 ?

Fasto team is happy to announce the release of FastoRedis 0.5.6. In this version we were mainly concentrated on Memcached database and history graphics for Redis.

For the changes in 0.5.6 please read changelog at the bottom of this page.

Memcached support

Memcached is like Redis and now our program can work with it. Now we support only basic commands, in future we are planing support all.

Fastoredis - Memcached database

Memcached command autocomplete

Fastoredis provides you with autocompletion for basic commands that are known by Memcached.

Fastoredis - autocompletion for basic

Memcached command line options

We added some connection arguments for more easy work with Memcached. Also you can connect to database with SASL.

Fastoredis - connect to database Fastoredis - connect to database

Redis of graphics history

If you want to see the work history of your server, you can check "Logging enable" on connection dialog window. And every minute FastoRedis executes redis info command, and saves result.

Fastoredis - history of your server

After this release FastoRedis may be used as Memcached management tool (i.e. Admin GUI).


FastoRedis 0.5.6
- Remove boost library dependence
- Move to C++11 standart
- Server history (only Redis)
- Memcached support(only basic functions)
- Memcached sasl connection
- Shutdown functionality
- Backup/Import rdb files only localhost version

Thank you!

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